Why the hills are alive with the sound of buyers

Just like the theme song from that famous movie, Sydney’s Hills District is humming with the sound of buyers at present.

Actually, let me rephrase that… sometimes that hum is becoming a roar of disappointment when they miss out on purchasing the property of their dreams.

Across the Hills District, buyers are out in force in such numbers that it’s become quite common for 30 or 40 groups to turn up to a property’s first open home.

Clearly, these types of numbers are music to the ears of vendors, many of whom are selling their properties within a day or two and for significantly more than they had been expecting.

These types of results are why our phone has been ringing hot of late.

Many buyers are clearly frustrated with their inability to secure a holding in this desirable part of Sydney’s north west.

Demand for property has ramped up over the past quarter in particular with many prospective residents considering a tree or leaf-change from the inner-city.

The pandemic is part of the reason for their new thinking but so is price.

Rather than being cooped up in a small apartment a few clicks from the city centre while working from home, plenty of people are running the numbers on locations that offer more lifestyle.

And what they seem to be finding is that there is potential property gold to be found in the hills region.

By selling an apartment or terrace in the inner-city, buyers can potential find themselves in a three/four bedroom house in the area.

For those selling a house, there is the possibility of securing a larger home on a bigger block of land that also boasts views to the Blue Mountains for the same price.

Demand soaring

The uptick in demand for homes in the hills is quickly resulting in reduced stock levels.

With interest rates at historic lows and confidence in the economy returning after the lockdown, it’s little surprise that the hills region is on the radar of so many potential homebuyers.

Many of our new clients have engaged us to help them purchase a dwelling in the area because they have missed out one time too many and are worried about turning the tide anytime soon.

As professional buyers agents, who specialise in the Hills District, we are also helping buyers differentiate between property prospects and dwelling dream-crushers.

But what we can also advise on are the locations likely to achieve the best results over the long-term.

On top of that, our strong local networks mean we are often aware of new listings long before they hit the market.

And those local connections can provide an opportunity for buyers to purchase… long before the chorus-line of buyers even hits their first note.