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We help aspiring property investors build wealth through real estate. 

There are many reasons why people choose property to grow their wealth. However, there are certain things you need to look for and common mistakes you should avoid ensuring you purchase a quality investment grade asset. Our Sydney Buyers Agents provide valuable expertise and support on starting, growing or restructuring your property portfolio, working solely in your best interests.

We invest in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and other locations that we identify through our rigorous data and fundamentals analysis.

Let us help you:

  • Take the first step towards building your property portfolio with a strategy that aligns with your goals and requirements
  • We streamline the process of shortlisting and inspecting a range of suitable properties
  • We take the stress out of investing through professional support and guidance
  • Leverage off our professional negotiation experience and understand how we value a property
  • Educate and inform you on how to make your offer stand out and get accepted without overpaying
  • Access pre-market and off-market properties
  • Gain access to our in-house research and unique buying methodology
  • Avoid costly mistakes with comprehensive due diligence support
  • Receive post settlement support and continued support throughout your investment journey


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Our methodology

Our in-house methodology focuses on data, property market fundamentals, and local intelligence.


We use the most current supply and demand data to analyse the markets and interpret the macro and micro influences that have an impact at a suburb level.


We analyse fundaments that impact property markets. Knowing what fundamentals will impact a property’s performance is key to a successful investment.

Local intelligence

We are physically present in our buying locations to gain local insight. We undertake a street level analysis to ensure we are buying in the best pockets of a suburb.


Analysing supply and demand data, macro and micro influences along with understanding fundamentals such as local infrastructure projects, state of the local economy, interest rates, access to credit and population trends are crucial in determining which location to invest in.

For the property itself, we look at building type, kerbside appeal, land size, building size (for units), floor plan and condition of the home. Owner occupier appeal is also important.

Our service is tailored to your individual wants and needs. We help you map out your short and long term goals and put a plan in place to help you achieve this. We research and shortlist the most suitable locations and properties that match your unique criteria. We then create a plan to secure your desired property which includes liaising with agents and negotiating the best possible price. All the due diligence and post purchase requirements is completed by us.

Our point of difference is that our service continues after settlement. Our buyers agents check in with you periodically to perform portfolio reviews. This is a great opportunity to gain a more detailed understanding of how your investment property is performing and what can be done to amplify your results even further.

Do your research or consult with professionals such as your accountant or mortgage broker and work out exactly how much you can afford to spend. We can put you into contact with some of our trusted referral partners who have significant experience relevant to property. We can then help you formulate a plan to achieve a successful investment.

The locations we recommend our clients will vary depending on budget, property type, personal preference and other factors which are discussed during our strategy planning. We do not hold a bias towards any particular location, however all of the locations we recommend are supported by current and reliable data along with key investment fundamentals. If certain locations do not meet these requirements we do not recommend them. Our experience means we have built relationships across various locations around Australia which is also advantageous for our clients.

Yes. We have access to off-market properties through our professional networks which include real estate agents and other industry contacts. These connections provide us with insider information about properties that are not publicly listed on the market. Additionally we also seek out off-market opportunities by leveraging our relationships and conducting targeted searches based on our clients specific criteria. This gives us a competitive advantage and increases the pool of options available to clients, increasing the chances of finding the best possible property.

In addition to helping investors identify properties with high growth potential and negotiating terms and contingencies to maximise ROI, our support with due diligence can also help investors make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Further, our guidance with portfolio strategy can assist with diversification, restructuring, risk management and asset allocation to further optimise returns.

The art of negotiating involves understanding our clients’ needs, conducting thorough research and effective communication. We skilfully navigate complexities, anticipate counter-offers and advocate for our clients’ interests, while also maintaining positive professional relationships.

Our team take care of property inspections and due diligence by coordinating inspections, reviewing reports, conducting comparative market analysis, researching property history, the neighbourhood and other trends. A recommendation is then provided based on these findings. Our rigorous due diligence and inspection process helps our clients make informed decisions and minimise risk.

Yes. We leverage our expertise and knowledge of real estate markets to help our clients understand current market conditions, property values and trends. Our guidance helps out clients to make informed decisions and understand these complexities more effectively.

Yes and we have purchased through SMSFs for many of our clients. There are specific regulations and guidelines set by the ATO regarding property investment through SMSFs. It’s important to ensure that these regulations are complies with. Seeking independent advice through an accountant is a good starting point.

We offer all of our clients our aftercare services, meaning we regularly review your property/portfolio and engage in strategic discussions as often as necessary to help you maximise the potential of your investments.

Real estate ownership stands as a proven avenue for Australian investors to create wealth and secure their financial future.

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