How Property Portfolio Health Checks Can Increase Your ROI

Whether you have invested in one or multiple properties, you may not realise that it’s important to evaluate your portfolio from time to time. 

In the same way you often visit a doctor for a general health check, it’s important to check on the state of your property portfolio and assess its performance and condition.

Monitoring your properties “health” is vital to ensuring you are aligned with your strategy and meeting your goals. If your investments health can be maintained, it goes a long way to sustaining a good return for a longer period of time.

As part of our continued service to our clients, once you purchase a property with us, we’ll conduct an annual health check at no extra cost. These reviews provide an opportunity for us to evaluate with you, whether there is any need for change.

Some of the key points we cover include:

  • Annual rental reviews – review local rents and discuss with property managers to ensure maximum return on investment.

  • Depreciation schedule assessment – reviewing any improvements or upgrades to your property to get the most of this tax advantage.

  • Mortgage assessment – whether you are on a fixed or variable mortgage you always have the option of going back to your broker and look at re-financing. Even with fixed mortgages, there can be ways of breaking out if another deal is attractive enough to cover any additional costs. Every bit of interest paid eats into your ROI.

  • Insurances review – review your circumstances and if they have changed, such as your employment status then you may need to review your insurance premiums accordingly.

  • Cash-flow projections – insurance premiums and council rates affect your cash-flow, this should be reviewed to help decide whether a rent rise should be considered or how much room to move there is in the budget.

  • PAYGW tax variation – rather than waiting to get your annual tax refund (from negatively geared properties) by completing an ATO form you can receive this benefit as a monthly pay.

  • State of the property – wear and tear of a property is part and parcel of ownership. It’s important to conduct regular maintenance to ensure your property stays in good condition and remains liveable for your tenants. Doing preventative maintenance today can save you from having to do more costly repairs later down the track.

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Ben Plohl – Founder & Director
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**All information published has been collated and prepared in good faith. No representation is given or implied as to its accuracy or interpretation. Please ensure you rely on your own research before making any investment decisions**