How a young family finally bought a Sydney bungalow

It’s story often told amongst would-be Sydney property owners – with frustration and missing out a common shared experience.

Without question, Harbour City real estate is some of the most in-demand in the world. 

Being home to our nation’s largest city and economy, that also features some of our most desirable landscapes, is the number one reason why there has long been more buyers than properties available.

Conversations at dinner parties or barbeques regular revolve around “the one that got away” or even “the 23 that got away” such is the difficulty that many prospective buyers face in the Sydney market.

Many of our clients arrive at our door step because they are sick and tired of always missing out and they realise that if they stand any chance of achieving their property dream, they need the expertise, local agent networks, and, well, chutzpah of professional buyers’ agents who have successfully bought dozens of properties.

One year of frustration

This situation was certainly the case for a young Sydney family who engaged our full-service buyers agency early last year.

They had spent the previous year – that’s 12 long months – searching on their own but to no avail. 

This meant they were on the brink of giving up because they were defeated, deflated, and very frustrated by their inability to purchase a property.

Of course, at the time, the Sydney was running even hotter than it is usually, so it was little surprise to us that they had not been successful in their property quest.

However, it wasn’t long after they had engaged our services that we were able to refine their brief and implement a robust acquisition strategy together. 

As part of this process, I was able to identify locations that they had never considered, but which were areas that offered everything they were looking for in a home.

One of the most important services of a professional buyers agency is the provision of transparent and independent advice every step of the way.

This meant that I also steered them well away from properties that were so significantly over-budget that may have created serviceability problems for them in the future.

Inner West success

Within a few weeks, we were able to achieve something that they had struggled for a full year to do themselves – plus for a lower price than they originally thought they’d have to pay.

Not only did we secure them a property for a lower buy-in price it was also in an area that they never thought they’d be able to afford to purchase in.

However, our strong local agent networks and years of experience meant that our clients were in the front-running for the property as soon as we learned that it was available to purchase.

That property was a renovated three-bedroom period bungalow in the popular Inner West suburb of Canterbury.

The purchase price was below their budget and now, less than a year later, it has also increased in value by up to quarter of a million dollars.

As you can imagine, they are one very happy family, who not only was able to secure their very own slice of Sydney real estate but have also drastically improved their financial futures at the same time, too.