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Our industry knowledge and negotiation skills will ensure you buy your dream home at the best price and with the best possible terms.

  • We help you determine your ideal property strategy
  • We take the emotion (particularly stress) out of buying
  • Simplify the process of shortlisting and inspecting a range of suitable properties
  • Gain insight and knowledge into your chosen locations
  • We are seasoned negotiators
  • Leverage off our networks to gain access to pre-market and off-market opportunities
  • Avoid costly mistakes with comprehensive due diligence



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We offer personalised services to suit your needs

Depending on the level of support you require, we offer 3 service options.

Full Service Buying

Our end to end service where we build your brief, research the markets, shortlist and inspect suitable on and off-market properties, perform due diligence, co-ordinate contract reviews and negotiate our way to the best possible price and terms.

You will also have access to our ongoing client after care service.

Evaluate and Negotiate

If you have found your ideal property and want an experienced team to take the reins in helping you secure it, we can help. From this point we can handle all of the due diligence, negotiating, agent dialogue and any auction bidding on your behalf.

Auction Bidding

We appraise the value of the property and ensure we have a strategy that is agreed upon prior to auction. We understand how important it is to keep emotions in check, and make the right bids at the right time to ensure we secure the property and you don’t overpay.


A buyers agent is a licensed and independent real estate professional who acts on behalf of property buyers. They are tasked with researching, identifying and negotiating the purchase of the right property for their client. While estate agents represent the seller, a buyers agent represents only the buyer and their interests.

An experienced buyers agent will save you extensive time, provide you access to off market properties and ensure you don’t overpay for a property.

An off-market property is not yet publicly advertised, so is not officially on the market. Some owners are happy to sell privately for various reasons; for example they may not want others to know the property is for sale. A private sale also reduces advertising costs and may mean a quicker sale.

We have access to off-market opportunities through our extensive relationships with sales agents. The negotiation and due diligence process is usually the same for an on-market property and just because it is off market it does not mean it is better value however it usually does mean less competition and something that can be advantageous for the right property.

We work on a fixed-fee basis, so you know exactly what you are paying upfront – no commissions, cuts or kickbacks. An initial engagement fee is paid upfront, with the balance payable when the purchase contract becomes unconditional. Remember, cheapest isn’t always best. Professional, high-end buyers agents can save you money, so you definitely get what you pay for.

We support home buyers across Sydney, with a focus on the Hills District, North Shore, Northern Suburbs and the Inner West. We can also work across other areas, just give us a call.

Want an unfair advantage in the property market? Have an experienced Buyers Agent by your side.

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