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In the competitive realm of Sydney’s real estate market, sellers have the upper hand with agents dedicated to their interests. As a buyer, you deserve the same level of commitment. Our team advocate for your best interests, providing you with the expertise and negotiation power necessary to secure your ideal home.

Maximise your homebuying success with our services:

  • Craft a tailored property brief aligned with your goals and requirements
  • We take the emotion out of buying through professional guidance and support
  • Gain access to unique property sourcing strategies such as direct to vendor, letterbox drops, local agent database contacts
  • Simplify the process of shortlisting and inspecting a range of suitable properties
  • Gain insight and knowledge into your chosen locations
  • Leverage off our professional negotiation experience and understand how to make your offer stand out and get accepted
  • Leverage off our networks to gain access to pre-market and off-market opportunities
  • Avoid costly mistakes with comprehensive due diligence support



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We offer personalised services to suit your needs

Depending on the level of support you require, we offer 3 service options.

Full Service Buying

Our end to end service where we build your brief, research the markets, shortlist and inspect suitable on and off-market properties, perform due diligence, co-ordinate contract reviews and negotiate our way to the best possible price and terms.

You will also have access to our ongoing client after care service.

Evaluate and Negotiate

If you have found your ideal property and want an experienced team to take the reins in helping you secure it, we can help. From this point we can handle all of the due diligence, negotiating, agent dialogue and any auction bidding on your behalf.

Auction Bidding

We appraise the value of the property and ensure we have a strategy that is agreed upon prior to auction. We understand how important it is to keep emotions in check, and make the right bids at the right time to ensure we secure the property and you don’t overpay.


A buyers agent is a licensed and independent real estate professional who acts on behalf of property buyers. They are tasked with researching, identifying and negotiating the purchase of the right property for their client. While estate agents represent the seller, a buyers agent represents only the buyer and their interests.

An experienced buyers agent will save you extensive time, provide you access to off market properties and ensure you don’t overpay for a property.

Yes. We have access to off-market properties through our professional networks which include real estate agents and other industry contacts. These connections provide us with insider information about properties that are not publicly listed on the market. Additionally we also seek out off-market opportunities by leveraging our relationships and conducting targeted searches based on our clients specific criteria. This gives us a competitive advantage and increases the pool of options available to clients, increasing the chances of finding the best possible property.

We work on a fixed-fee basis, so you know exactly what you are paying upfront – no commissions, cuts or kickbacks. An initial engagement fee is paid upfront, with the balance payable when the purchase contract becomes unconditional. Remember, cheapest isn’t always best. Professional, high-end buyers agents can save you money, so you definitely get what you pay for.

We support home buyers across Sydney, with a focus on the Hills District, North Shore, Northern Suburbs and the Inner West. We can also work across other areas, just give us a call.

We love helping first homebuyers navigate the complexities of purchasing a property. We provide them with valuable market guidance, property search, negotiation, due diligence, offer access to resources and provide ongoing support and advice throughout the journey.

We have a broad client base from first home buyers, experienced investors, corporate clients, downsizers, clients buying properties in their SMSF and many more.

Yes. We believe a successful and seamless property purchase requires a team of experienced and reputable professionals working together. We work with a number of trusted professionals whom we can refer our clients to if needed.

The art of negotiating involves understanding our clients’ needs, conducting thorough research and effective communication. We skilfully navigate complexities, anticipate counter-offers and advocate for our clients’ interests, while also maintaining positive professional relationships.

Our team take care of property inspections and due diligence by coordinating inspections, reviewing reports, conducting comparative market analysis, researching property history, the neighbourhood and other trends. A recommendation is then provided based on these findings. Our rigorous due diligence and inspection process helps our clients make informed decisions and minimise risk.

Want an unfair advantage in the competitive Sydney property market? Have our experienced Buyers Agents by your side.

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