How to choose a buyers agent

Buying a property is a sound investment decision—if you get it right. Many investors choose to save time and energy by drawing on the negotiating skills and market knowledge of a property expert. This is where buyer’s agents come into the picture. So what should you be looking for in a buyers agent? Here are five qualities that I think are indispensable.

Personal investment experience

This one is key. Personal investment experience, gathered over time, gives a buyers agent the kind of insight that can’t be found in a textbook or training course. Personally, I have been investing for 15 years and have built up a successful property portfolio in that time. I see myself as a mentor to clients starting out on this journey, and share everything I have learned along the way with them. My strategy is one of slow, steady gains, as that is what has worked for me since buying my first investment property at the age of 18. 

Relevant qualifications and training

While good instincts and experience are essential, your buyers agent should also have sound qualifications in a financial field. I am a chartered accountant and a licenced real estate agent, and this professional training and expertise is something I draw upon constantly in my work as a buyers agent. 

Up-to-date investment knowledge & professional networks

If you are not working in real estate and property, you won’t have the in-depth knowledge and professional experience of a good buyers agent. This is why it makes sense to appoint someone with these qualities, rather than attempting to develop them yourself, particularly if you are busy with your own career. 

I give my clients access to all my knowledge about the Australian property market to help them make sound investment decisions. I am passionate about property and am constantly researching new areas and opportunities as part of my job, which saves my clients time. And when I find the right property and my clients are ready to buy, I put them in touch with the relevant professionals to ensure the sale goes smoothly. 

Excellent negotiation skills 

An important thing to remember about property investment is that you make money when you buy, as well as when you sell—if you negotiate well. Going into a property negotiation against a skilled and experienced agent when you have little experience yourself can be an expensive exercise. Many people only do this two or three times, and simply lack the cool head that is so important in what can be an emotional exchange. 

Due to my background in investing, I have years of experience and enjoy negotiating on behalf of my clients to get them their property at a fair price. Plus, I have access to data on local prices that allows me to work out the true value of a particular property, which is invaluable when it comes time to agree on a price.  


As an independent buyers agent, I answer only to my clients, not banks, or sales agents, or mortgage brokers, and I don’t take kickbacks. My success depends on how well I look after my clients and their property interests, not on how well I meet sales and selling targets for a property developer. I’m on the side of my clients, and will bring all of my knowledge and passion for the property market to every transaction. 

Talk to me

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