FY20 – The Year You Take Control?

Many people dream of owning a powerful property portfolio that generates a passive income and builds wealth…

There are a whole bunch of reasons why people decide to invest in property…

As buyers agents and property strategists (and long-term property investors) the common reasons we hear are…..

  • Not wanting to grind away in a 9-5 role until retirement age

  • Wanting to live a life on their own terms

  • Wanting to travel and discover the world

  • Freedom of time and being able to spend more with their family

  • Not being answerable to anyone but themselves

  • Wanting to build a better future for their children

In our eyes these are all great reasons to STOP, THINK and TAKE CHARGE. The general theme is freedom and choice.

Often, people are scared and frightened to make significant changes in their lives, and investing in property is one of them. The fear of the unknown, the stress, not knowing where to start, analysis paralysis….…..and that’s understandable. For this simple reason we see people get stuck in the rut of living and not thinking of their financial future.

To put it bluntly……property investing is achievable for most. However, it takes time, discipline and more often than not guidance and support. Delayed gratification is key.

Building a portfolio is hard work, and if you have been told otherwise you’ve been lied too. There are plenty of “property experts” out there who make it sound easy. This is far from the truth. It takes time, effort and sacrifice.

The quickest way to success is learning from those who have done it before. Build a team of experts. Have a think. Ultimately, own your future.

At BFP Property we see ourselves as a big part of your wealth creation journey. We can help you take a disciplined approach and start building that portfolio that will provide for your future. We’ve travelled this path personally and super excited to take you on your own journey. Reach out and let’s see what is possible. An email or call won’t cost you anything.

Happy investing

Ben Plohl – Founder & Director
bfp property
www.bfpproperty.com | ben@bfpproperty.com | 0434561378

**All information published has been collated and prepared in good faith. No representation is given or implied as to its accuracy or interpretation. Please ensure you rely on your own research before making any investment decisions**